DINO Squad unleashed

Climate change is real and is already causing major changes around the world. Scientists have now discovered that permafrost has melted deep in the heart of the Swiss Alps. This has led to the awakening of 10,000 preserved dinos. Their mission is to conquer the planet once again. But to do so, they must infiltrate humanity and adapt cleverly. Help them on their mission! Mint a dino to free it from the ice and UNLEASH on humanity.


‍OCTOBER 11th 6:30 pm UTC
0.01 ETH


Every Dino is a combination of 150+ unique traits and therefore makes every Dino special. Our artist is drawing each layer by hand and is testing all sorts of combination to make sure each and every Dino looks awesome. Our Dinos have 7 hand-drawn layers:

  • Background
  • Body and Bodycolor
  • Headwear
  • Eyes and Eyewear
  • Mouth and Nose region
  • Clothing
  • Accessory

The rarity list will later be provided to rarity sniper.
10 Dinos are special and consist of hand-picked layers with unique backgrounds. These 10 Dinos will be used for auctions, treasure hunts etc.

Holder Benefit

You are a part of the Dino Squad Community. Welcome!

What’s the benefit of holding a Dino?
Every Dino Squad holder will be able to mint a FREE (+Gas) additional Dino Unleashed Gen. 2 Dino. If this is an evolved Dino, a Baby or something else, will be decided by the Community.

Roadmap 2.0 development:
Once the last Dino is minted, we will start with the Gen. 2 development. Our goal is not to stop at Gen. 2 Dinos and will consider further use case and gamification.

Launch Roadmap


Ten Dinos will be airdropped randomly to some lucky Dino Squad holders.


We are recruiting community managers and moderators. Keep an eye out if you are interested.


Several Dinos will be given away to lucky Dino Squad holders (Community engagement / Quiz and other Giveaways)


Community Wallet with 15 ETH will be created.
Funds will be used to further create, develop, or build something that the community values (i.e. companion drop / baby dragons / additional 1/1 art from our talented illustrator, floor swiping etc.)










Why Dinos?

Why not? Dinos are awesome and our Illustrator loved drawing each and every layer.

What is the Dino Squad Unleashed?

Dino Squad Unleashed is a collection of 10’000 NFT’s. Each one is generated and unique based on the Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC-721 Token. The Dino’s are disguising themselves to fit in the human society to take over the world. You will find some of your favorite movie and comic character traits.

Who is behind the Dino Squad Unleashed?

We are a centralized team based in Switzerland. This project is SWISS MADE and we will live up to the Swiss Quality Standard.

How many Dinos will there be?

There will only ever be 10’000 Generation 1 Dinos but there might be more for you to claim in the future depending on which route the community will decide to take.

Where can I mint a Dino?

Check out the minting page and show up on time when we are launching. You will need a metamask wallet + some ETH to mint a Dino.

When are the Dinos revealed and properties and rarity details out?

The Dinos are revealed instantly. There will be some delay from Opensea + IPFS side.

Why don’t you delay the reveal like most other projects?

We want you to see what you bought right away!

I missed the launch, where can I buy a Dino?

You can buy them here on Opensea.

What is the future of the Dino Squad?

Check the roadmap. The community will drive this project.

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Twitter @dinosquadnft
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